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(304) 241-1717
225 Don Knotts Boulevard
Morgantown, WV 26501
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    Tires Morgantown WV, Cheat Lake WV, Fairmont WV

    Riverside Automotive in Morgantown, WV

    Riverside Automotive is a locally-owned, full-service preventative maintenance, auto repair, tire center, and professional auto detailing facility. Whether you own a domestic, import, or both we have experts on staff to take care of your Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volvo, Volkswagen, and many more! Riverside Automotive offers a large selection of name brand named tires including Goodyear, Hercules, MasterCraft, Cooper! Customer service is the foundation of our business and we go above and beyond to offer comprehensive car care. Our free online diagnostic center can diagnose vehicle problems 24/7 - just enter your vehicle year, make and model and some basic information and get an immediate diagnosis. After you have the information you need, schedule your service appointment with us.

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    Phone: (304) 241-1717
    Address: 225 Don Knotts Boulevard
    Morgantown, WV 26501

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