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Oil Change


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Yes - it's that Oil Change time again with a great incentive to not procrastinate. Take advantage of our $10 Off any Lube, Oil, and Filter Change - plus - a Free Tire Rotation! We use only the finest Mobil Oil for optimum performance of your vehicle and top-off all of your fluids. Your Oil Change Coupon includes a quick oil change with up to 5 quarts of Mobil Oil and filter. Special filters/oil will result in an additional charge. 

If you're confused on how to choose the right oil for your car - click here! 

Changing your vehicle’s oil is essential to preserving engine life. 

We want to keep your vehicle running as long as possible. When you schedule your oil change with us, we’ll do more than just change your oil. We’ll top off your fluids and let you know the regular intervals that you need to have your oil changed at, as well as tips for maintain good gas mileage and engine health. We want you to know exactly what that oil change is doing for the health of your vehicle.

Read More about the differences between synthetic oil and conventional oil...

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Riverside Automotive in Morgantown, WV

Riverside Automotive is a locally-owned, full-service preventative maintenance, auto repair, and tire center. Whether you own a domestic, import, or both we have experts on staff to take care of your Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volvo, VW, and many more! Riverside Automotive offers a large selection of name brand named tires including Goodyear, Hercules, MasterCraft, Cooper! Customer service is the foundation of our business and we go above and beyond to offer comprehensive car care. Our free online diagnostic center can diagnose vehicle problems 24/7 - just enter your vehicle year, make and model and some basic information and get an immediate diagnosis. After you have the information you need, schedule your service appointment with us.

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Phone: (304) 241-1717
Address: 225 Don Knotts Boulevard
Morgantown, WV 26501

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